• the socially conscious balladry of Christy Moore, the Celtic Soul of Van Morrison and the wry observational wit of The Divine Comedy...A talented artist and songwriter to look out for
  • Sharp, astute, emotive lyrics allied to strong, confident vocals make Rich McMahon an impressive discovery
  • McMahon is a convincing and gruffly charming performer, whose compositions are framed by imaginative arrangements
  • armed with a gift for witty, erudite lyrics and a voice part Christy Moore, part Paul Brady, McMahon instantly establishes himself as both utterly modern and established within the tradition of timeless, Irish story-telling balladry
    ACOUSTIC Magazine
  • Influences from Bob Dylan, Divine Comedy and Christy Moore are evident, but like James Joyce's Dubliners it is the strength of the characters in his songs that shine through.
    The Irish Post
  • sing-along catchy choruses
    Rock Society Magazine
  • Many of the songs [on 'Songs of Exile, Love & Dissent'] are built around catchy hooks, and will come back to haunt you well after the CD has left your player
    Stirrings Magazine
  • a thought-provoking songwriter pondering on how far we are defined by our place of birth, and what kind of powers lie within us to define ourselves in other ways
    Colum Sands, BBC Radio Foyle & Ulster
  • strange, funny, sad, all things, but beautiful above all
    Mike Harding
  • the thing that marks him out to my ears are the words he writes.....Rich McMahon is a poet
    Folk Monthly
  • this guy has got something, definitely....a voice that reminds me of Luke Kelly
    BBC Radio Ulster
  • 'Songs of Exile, Love & Dissent' is spacious and probing, taking the obvious inheritance of its origins into wider and expansive directions.
  • Whether the song is a lament, a cautionary tale, a story of love or a realization of beauty, the listener is drawn in by the melodies and rhythm and is entranced by Rich's rich vocals.
    Argyll FM
  • McMahon has a real honesty to his singing and uses the sounds of Country, Folk and busking to get his songs across
    FolkAll Blog
  • many listeners will connect on an emotional level with the sentiments and the songwriting
  • to sit down and take in the weight of words employed by Rich McMahon, is to know that someone, it matters not where, is thinking the same as you
    Liverpool Sound & Vision
  • Rich McMahon’s album features some great songs powerfully presented. Certainly one of those albums which you have to sit down and listen to and absorb the lyrics and the feel of the moods which have been created.
  • a witty, accomplished and engaging entertainer..a very insightful thinker and writer
    The Harp